Coastal Breeze

Photography, Web Design, Branding


Coastal Breeze came to us with a unique requirement. They wanted to stand out in the crowded Airbnb market and needed a compelling brand identity, professional property photography, and a dedicated landing page to attract and convert potential customers.

Our Solution:
We approached this project with a holistic strategy, focusing on developing a cohesive brand image, capturing the allure of their properties through photography, and creating an effective digital platform for customer engagement.

Highlights of Our Work:

Branding and Logo Development:
We began with establishing a strong brand identity for Coastal Breeze. The logo and branding elements we designed reflect the serenity and charm of a coastal vacation, aligning perfectly with the essence of their business. Our branding strategy was aimed at evoking a sense of relaxation and luxury, appealing directly to their target audience.

Professional Property Photography:
Recognizing that visuals play a crucial role in vacation planning, we conducted professional photo shoots of Coastal Breeze's properties. Our focus was on capturing the beauty and unique features of each location, highlighting the comfort and aesthetic appeal that guests can expect. These images were not just photographs; they were invitations to experience Coastal Breeze's offerings.

Landing Page Design and Development:
To complement their Airbnb presence, we created a bespoke landing page. This page serves as a central hub for potential customers to explore Coastal Breeze's properties, learn about their offerings, and make bookings. The design of the landing page was seamlessly integrated with their branding, ensuring a consistent user experience.

User-Friendly Booking Experience:

We optimized the landing page for ease of navigation, ensuring that visitors could effortlessly find information and proceed to book their stays. The integration of a simple, yet effective booking system on the page was crucial in converting interest into reservations.


The comprehensive branding, captivating property photography, and the custom-designed landing page have significantly elevated Coastal Breeze’s presence in the vacation rental market. These elements have worked in unison to enhance their online visibility, attract more customers, and ultimately, increase bookings. Coastal Breeze now stands as a distinguished provider of memorable stays, with a brand image and digital presence that truly reflect their quality and appeal.

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